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Food Innovation

D.I.C. was first designed to boost innovation in the Food Industry. It is a sustainable answer to the increasingly important challenges that face the agrifood industry

D.I.C. disrupts the Food Market, optimizing production processes and answering the growing demand for food products that are healthier and better for the environment

It nurtures progress in 3 key pillars for a better, more proficient and virtuous industry:


New products

New textures

New concepts


Product valorization and waste reduction

Loss reduction with sterilization

Natural long shelf-life duration

Low energy consumption


Food safety (5Log kill step)

Nutrients preservation

No added sugar, oil, additive

Antinutrients elimination

As a powerful opportunity booster, D.I.C. enables groups and companies to stand out on the market with original, high-quality, and reliable products.

Whether you want to develop an innovative, healthy, and tasty snack product, a natural alternative to ultra-processed food, or to ensure the highest level of food safety, D.I.C. can be the solution to your problematic, and to reach your marketing goals.

Evolution of products before/after D.I.C.