We are Abcar D.I.C. Process, French manufacturing company, founder and developer of the D.I.C. technology.

We aim to boost innovation and sustainability in the Food and Cosmetic industries.


With more than 30 years of experience and technological development, we have acquired a strong expertise in our industrial field.

We are here to evaluate your needs and offer you the solution that fits your business goal.

D.I.C. pressure sensor


Our experience in the industry allowed us to build a wide R&D database, and a strong international network.

Our equipment is available at both lab and industrial scales, for research and industrial needs.

D.I.C. treated wood

Disrupting industrial processes

Early 1990's

D.I.C. invention

R&D expertise build up

Years of research, data accumulation

500+ scientific papers

Process recognition


Industrial breakthrough

Products treated with D.I.C.

Our philosophy

We believe that innovation can offer new ways of working more efficiently, at lower costs, with a better environmental impact.

Our goal

Our aim is to shift the current industrial paradigms and lead towards a healthier, more sustainable industry. 

We strive to open new market opportunities by offering smarter, greener, and more ethical manufacturing solutions.