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Green coffee beans revival

August 11, 2020

Green coffee beans storage is a topic all coffee players have to worry about.

For more than two years, Hard Beans Coffee Roasters team and partners have been studying the effect of time and different storage conditions (temperature/moisture) on their specialty coffee: Washed/Natural beans + 5 storage conditions.

This morning we run D.I.C. on those coffee, trying to rewind the effect time had on the beans flavor.

Let's hope we managed to select the right parameters to give those beans a great flavor boost, and that their cupping will prove once again that D.I.C. can drastically boost coffee beans' SCA score.

Thanks Krzysztof Barabosz for letting us in.

And just in case you wonder what quantity of energy/water is used in our D.I.C. treatment: as little as 0.1 kWh and 125 ml of water per kg of coffee processed.

Material treated with D.I.C.
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