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D.I.C. application for surfactant-free emulsions

November 30, 2022

Essential oil stable emulsion without surfactant!

30 seconds, that's all you need to extract an essential oil emulsion with D.I.C. from plants, flowers, wood...

No surfactant added, only oil in water.

In the picture, you can see samples of fresh citrus peel extraction.
Samples have been analyzed and results shown that particles sizes mainly range from 500 nanometers to 2 µmeters, between nanoemulsion and lower limits of macroemulsion.

Each sample we made, from pure emulsion to 1:16 water diluted mix, shows a total stabilization with no noticeable decantation happening over the weeks.

Food, cosmetics, aromatherapy, natural pesticides… Can you think of any sector that could exploit and benefit from natural emulsions? From what kind of raw material?

We would love to get your thoughts and ideas on the topic!

Extraction of an emulsion of essential oil from plants, flowers, wood...
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