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Boosting drying and conservation capabilities

December 16, 2020

A few months ago, we shared with you the drying curves of D.I.C. treated vs untreated sage leaves.

At 45°C, it took 90 minutes to go below 10% moisture content for the treated leaves, instead of 360 minutes untreated.

At the end of drying, we packed both products in hermetic bags, keeping them stored in a dark room.

And here is what might happen when your drying is imperfect and you don't add a kill step to your food drying process: mold and beautiful bacterial colors might develop over time.

Hopefully, you manage to dry in good conditions, and avoid most of the time this kind of problems.

But why not make sure the product you deliver will remain safe and tasty for years ? Use D.I.C. as your kill step !

Dried sage leaves with differents methods
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