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November 10, 2021

Autovaporization is the operation by which the heat required to generate vapor is provided by the system itself and not by an external source.

Prof. Karim Allaf theorized it over the years in its fundamental approach and definition of instantaneity thermodynamics which is the science behind D.I.C.

Any evaporation requires a certain amount of heat that is generally provided by an external source.

In the case of D.I.C., the evaporation operation of a portion of volatile molecules is of a duration so short that the quantity of heat supplied from outside the system is negligible or zero

The heat required for evaporation is simultaneously provided by the rest of the system that sees its temperature drop.

For fruit and vegetable snacks by D.I.C., it means a perfect control on thermal degradation and texturization. For essential oils extraction by DIC it gives drastic energy savings thanks to an instant condensation which requieres no external energy.

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