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Our secret for crunchy, tasty sweet potato crisps, without oil

January 19, 2022

Want to shake up the potato chip market with healthy sweet potato chips ?

With the use of D.I.C. on conventional dried sweet potatoes, we produce extra crunchy and highly palatable snacks, 100% natural, free from fried oil and any other additive.

The swell-drying process (combining D.I.C. with hot air drying) naturally crystallizes the flavors while giving them an airy and very crispy texture, making it a fun and pleasant eating experience for the consumer.

D.I.C. is the innovative way to produce and offer original, high-quality veggie crisps, with strong health and taste properties that are unprecedented on the market.

So wave goodbye at saturated fats and high acrylamide rates in traditional fried snacks, and welcome yummy crisps that are healthy, good for you and your whole family!

Evolution des produits avant/après D.I.C.
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