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D.I.C. process enters Industry 4.0 era

October 14, 2020

An innovative process, economically viable through good design and mechanics, controlled and supervised by modern computer science 
--> Our D.I.C. process is entering Industry 4.0 era

We, as a small company, have that power to think different and agilely, compared to big corporation.

To improve our service, we had to break the glass ceiling between industrial standard automation and modern programming. So, we bridged the two with a light solution, independent from the PLC used.

We chose the raspberry pi (Raspberry Pi Foundation), industrially transformed and shielded by Revolution Pi from KUNBUS.

Of course, sensors / actuators on our equipment come from renowned industrial companies such as Festo or ifm.

After some long months of coding we got: 
• Mobile control (quite useful for maintenance of pumps meters away from our equipment main screen) 
• Supervision on site or remotely over VPN for assistance 
• Real-time data validation and recording (for HACCP and approval of our sterilization)

And that's impressive the number of improvement we have managed to find (on our process and mechanics), with all the data acquired over time.

D.I.C. controll remote
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