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Treating coffee cherries to improve dehusking and coffee quality

September 17, 2020

In our journey within the coffee value chain we try to understand quality parameters and find potential improvement for post-harvesting process.

In natural processing, coffees are dried and stored in whole dried cherry. Flavor development in the bean is then modulated by the different layers of coffee cherry anatomy.

So why do not use this well-designed and natural packaging system (the cherry) instead of unnecessary plastic bags, vacuum packing or special storing conditions #greentech

Jesús Salazar Velasco (Cafeólogo) shipped us some cherries and we deployed a D.I.C. treatment, consuming only 0.1 kWh/kg.

First immediate result, mechanical removal of the husk was extremely easy compared to the reference.

The cherries (untreated and DIC) were stored for more than 24 months. Recently Dr. Jürgen Piechaczek roasted (with ROEST (RØST Coffee AS)) and cupped.

The results: 
• Untreated bean (milling here took us a great deal of manual labor) scored 82.5 
• With D.I.C., scored 84.5

Question is: Is that a path we should keep exploring and would that be of any interest for the farmers, mills, exporters, importers, roasters?

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