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Studying the impact of D.I.C. prior to supercritical CO² extraction

July 18, 2022

Dear network, We are running some studies on the impact of D.I.C. prior to supercritical CO² extraction.

The study will aim to demonstrate that pretreating by D.I.C.:

• Improves the final decaffeinated cup taste

•Extraction time by SFE is drastically reduced

This study should lead to a scientific publication.

If you want to push the science on this topic, and :  
• You are a QGrader and are willing to taste some really good / bad coffee samples  
• You work on SFE topics and can bring some tips on the perfect extraction parameters and industrial economics  
• You are a coffee player and can ship us some green coffee beans you usually send for decaffeination, so we could compare the final taste with standard industry processes  
• You work on other decaffeination processes and are willing to study the benefit of adding our D.I.C. pretreatment

→ Contact us now! 


Finally, Big up to Dounia BOUCHEKIOUA, from Ecole supérieure de Chimie organique et minérale, who is running the extractions and GC-MS analysis as part of her internship.  
She discovered that D.I.C. treated coffee beans don't explode after SFE, compared to the untreated ones which attacked her.  
First guess: diffusivity is so bad on untreated beans, CO² remained trapped after extraction, released to atmospheric pressure... and kaboom.

Caféine traitée par D.I.C.
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