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Easy cocoa shelling with D.I.C.

May 17, 2021

D.I.C. applied on cacao beans as a process improvement: 
• Improve shell removal by making the shell separate from the bean 
• Sterilize the beans (removing spores...)

And if you want to challenge the standard process: 
• Create a cocoa tasty snack without going though standard roasting, etc. A whole bean, with chocolate taste, crunchy, in just a few minutes, at an unbeatable process cost... 
• By changing the structure of the shell and being able to grind it easily, might we increase the shell percentage allowed by the norms in a chocolate? Up to having no shell wasted? Anyone to collaborate with us on that topic?

And if you work at origin, prevent molds and bacteria to develop on your beans post harvesting, use D.I.C.! 
A dry bean, that has been sterilized... no more degradation over time....

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